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Business Class Web Site Builder
    Protect Your Brand Name with Secure Business plans
Full Feature EWB  Standard Business Plan Secure Business Plan With Mailing List Feature Secure Business Plan with
Online Branding and advertising capabilities
e-Content Management System (CMS) Yes Yes Yes
Pre-defined web pages
Up to 40 web pages
All Business Class EWB accounts include FULL EWB Features
Storage space 1G (1000MB) 1G+1G (2000MB) 1G+2G (3000MB)
Internet Marketing Capabilities Yes Yes Yes
Video Tutorial Yes Yes Yes
Domain E-mail Server Yes Yes Yes
Standard Banner Design None 1 Banner 3 Banners
Mailing List with Personal Online Database No Yes (Up to 100MB) Yes (Up to 1000MB)
Affiliate Program Manager New! No No Yes
Form Hijack Guard No Yes Yes
Personal Customized EWB Template Yes Yes Yes
Template Integration to EWB system RM99 Waived! RM99 Waived! RM99 Waived!
Control Panel to Update Web Site Yes Yes Yes
Professional Web Design & Development Consultancy Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Form Yes Yes Yes
Referrer Form Yes Yes Yes
Contact Form Yes Yes Yes
Site Map Generator Yes Yes Yes
eXpress Storage Yes Yes Yes
eXpress Pro Counter Yes Yes Yes
D.I.Y. Layout Manager Yes Yes Yes
Sub web pages Yes Yes Yes
Manual SE Submission Yes
FREE Live Support Yes Yes Yes
Web Hosting Server Business Class Server Business Class Server Business Class Server
Priority Rapid Support Yes Yes Yes
EWB Training Voucher
(New account only)
RM100 Rebate RM200 Rebate RM300 Rebate
Free Content Insertion up to 5 pages up to 10 pages up to 15 pages
e-Mail Forwarder 30 e-mail addresses 60 e-mail addresses 99 e-mail addresses
Rate Lock Protection Yes Yes Yes
POP Mail account 5 (500MB adjustable) 10 (1.5G adjustable) 30 (2.5G adjustable)
e-Banner Rebate* No RM50 RM100
  and more.. and more.. and more..
Setup Fee RM1699
Yearly Fee (Second year onwards)
With rate lock protection


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2 Years Promotion Rate
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Rate lock protection - Pay the same if the fee goes higher or pay lower when it goes lower.

* e-Banner development fee starts from RM200.