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Seminar by Renowned Industry Speaker and Expert - Agile Project Management with Swarm Intelligence by Dr. William and Dr. Kah Huo Leong

Introducing whole new way to think about agile project management by using the principles of swarm intelligence, integrating the approach throughout their operations, organization, and strategy. The objective of the novel management approach is to create ultimate self-organizing organizations or teams that could adapt quickly and instinctively to fast changing markets/business/project environments. This seminar is designed for medium and large business operators/managers/executives to learn everything you ought to know in order to manage teams efficiently and effectively in competitive business environment.

In today's business world, you need to embrace the mindset to quickly shift, pivot and, change your strategic goals as business needs changed in the emerging market. Agile Performance Management is the progressive successor to the age old concept of performance management. It is designed to suit the new fast-paced, social, and more collaborative style of working in today’s organisational scenario. With the speed with which technology is surging ahead, communication has become on the go and instant. Hence the concept of appraisal on a yearly basis just does not fit the bill. In this fast and ever evolving fast-paced era, the concept of not providing regular and timely feedback has become a lot more significant.

Introducing the Swarm Intelligence inspired Agile Performance Management, a rescue mechanism to fill in these gaps of current agile and performance management.You do not have to spend thousands of dollars just to learn how to manage and improve your team productivy anymore. If you are looking for a solution or insights how to manage your agile team, do join our Industry Expert Seminar and we will guide you through the whole process. You will be absolutely amazed at what you will achieved in less than a week*

  • Expert Speaker(s) - Dr. Ir. Willam Wong and Dr. KH Leong
  • Venue - Sheraton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Date - 20th July 2018
  • Time - 10am - 5pm (inclusive light breakfast and lunch will be served)
  • Fee - RM3000 per participant (early bird - 30% off)

**Registration starts from 1 June 2018**
For enquiry, please contact:
Ms. Erra
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Ms. Sharon Su
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Industry Experts - Speakers

Dr. Ir. William Wong



He is currently working as Chief Consultant for WebDev International Group and has been corporate business and project management consultant for hundreds of medium to large companies in US, Singapore and Australia since year 1997. He has extensive experience in managing technological projects, from the stages of requirements gathering, through development and testing, to deployment and maintenance, including in establishing, training and managing PMO teams as well as implementing project management information systems for large companies around the world.

Dr. Leong Kah Huo

(PhD, B.Sc)


Currently working as Regional Chief Technological Officer with WebDev International Group, one of the top IT development and eCommerce Consultancy companies in Asia. With more than 20 years experience in managing medium to large scale ICT projects, he has served as IT and eCommerce consultant to Fortune 500, medical groups in USA and Europe, public listed companies and government agencies in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. His major area of interest include business management and optimization, internet and information technologies, swarm intelligence, logistics and transportation optimisations, operations research, knowledge and information management, machine learning, artificial intelligence, ICT project management, search engine optimisation, decision and management science.He is also involved in various researches at University of Malaya, Malaysia and Huaqiao University, China.

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