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eXpress Web Site Builder Features

Create a professional looking web site while at the same time learning the fundamentals of web site design and programming. Using EWB is the easiest way of getting your online business up and running quickly and inexpensively, especially if you are new to internet business and technology.

Internet eXplorer

eXpress Website Builder is compatible with most internet browsers which include: Internet Explorer 5.5+, Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+ and Netscape 7+

More than 45 reasons why you should choose EWB

- Advanced but user-friendly and easy to understand web-based application
No software download or installation required to start using eXpress Website Builder. A connection to the internet and computer with browser that supports javascript will get you started. Get the results you want from EWB within seconds without learning any web programming language.
- Web hosting included
Why pay for your web site development and hosting fees separately when you can have it all in a package at lower price.

Unlimited item insertion
Insert as many items or content you want in a page. If you are not sure how to create a page structure, just send express support team a ticket and we will prepare the structure according to your requirements.

- Personal HTML files supported
Upload your own created HTML files/web pages into your EWB account. No page limitation as long as empty space available in your account.
- More than 45 pre-defined and ready to use dynamic web pages.*
Why create everything from scratch when you can use well something that can be used instantly. Save your time for something more important and let EWB handles the web site for you.

More than 100 professionally designed web templates for you to choose and change it according to your needs for FREE!
Why pay hundreds of dollar for every new template when you can change it for FREE by using EWB anytime you want.

Samples :

- Up to 25 sub pages available for your extra needs
You have option to let your visitors to view the pages that you do not want to show in your web site navigation menu.
- Support flash and SwishMax file (shockwave flash, .swf).
No scripting or software required to insert flash files into your web pages. A click on a button in EWB will do the trick
- Flexible design
Use EWB like using Word processor application to create the web pages content. No need to worry about web page content structure or coding issue. Our tool will do it for you.

Manage your web site anytime, anywhere in the world
Get connected to the Internet, update your web site by using EWB and see the update instantly without requesting any web developers to do it for you. Pay NO MORE web site management fee to your webmaster. EWB is all you need.

- Search Engine Friendly
Optimize all you web pages easily from EWB. No search engine optimizer required.
- E-mail Addresses Protection
Hide your business e-mail address from being displayed or detected by e-mail spiders. Protect your business brand, image and e-mail addresses from being blacklisted.

Wait no more !
Start your web development process with us now !

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***Some features above might not available in certain EWB plans.