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We Build Web Sites That Give You 100% Control Anytime, Anywhere Via The Internet

Free Online Business workshop, e-assist and virtual office

Do-It-Yourself-Web Site Do-It-For-You, Manage Yourself

The most cost effective solution to own a web site that includes all basic features you need to run a personal or business web site.

Inclusive Domain Name & Web Hosting Services

For users who needs a professional web site with Internet Marketing capabilities & control panel.

Inclusive custom design, form guard, template builder and More..

- With Express WebSite Launcher Video Tutorial -
Standard Custom Web Site Design

Professional Web Design ServiceWe offer affordable custom web site design/redesign services that can be completed in 48 hours*. If you are trying to make your web site stand out from your competitors, and maximise sales & brand awareness via the Internet, contact us to find out what we can do to help you WOW your visitors and customers!

~ Installation of Open Source (OS) module with skin customization starts from RM400

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