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eXpressICT.com offers high performance Web hosting packages that give you fast, secure, and dependable server and internet connection to your web site at an affordable rate.

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VPS Plans

   VPS features/Plans VprivateS-1 VprivateS-2
   Server Dual and Dual Quad Core
8000 mhz - 16,000 mhz
   Operating System CentOS
   Setup Fee FREE FREE
   Fully Managed Yes Yes
   Yearly Price RM3999 RM5999
   Storage (+ 1GB free for OS) 20GB 30GB
   Bandwidth 275 GB 375 GB
   Burst RAM 1024 MB 2048 MB
   Min RAM 320 MB 512 MB
   IP Addresses 2 2
   24/7 Support Yes Yes
   Complete Root Access Yes Yes
   Personalized Nameservers Yes Yes
   Free Cpanel/WHM panel! Yes Yes
   Virtuozzo Power Panel Yes Yes
   Root Access Yes Yes
   Unlimited Domains Yes Yes


Hyper X Plan

HyperX-1 HyperX-2
   Setup Fee FREE FREE
   Fully Managed Yes Yes
   Yearly Price RM6999 RM7999
   Storage (+ 1GB free for OS) 50GB 65GB
   Bandwidth TX / CA 400 GB/ 900GB 650 GB/ 1200GB
   IP Addresses 2 2
   24/7 Support Yes Yes