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eXpress Web Site Builder

Basic EWB plans allow you to start your online business without spending thousands dollars on a web site.

 Basic EWB Package Budget Plan Standard Plan
Ideal for personal/club site
Premium Plan
Ideal for business users/entrepreneur
e-Content Management System (CMS) Yes Yes Yes
Pre-defined web pages Up to 15 pages Up to 30 pages Up to 40 pages
Storage space eXtra! 100MB200MB 250MB500MB 500MB1GB
eXpress Storage Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Form Yes Yes Yes
Referrer Form Yes Yes Yes
Contact Form Yes Yes Yes
Site Map Generator Yes Yes Yes
Form Hijack Guard No No Yes
eXpress Pro Counter No Yes Yes
D.I.Y. Layout Manager No Yes Yes
Sub web pages No Yes Yes
Manual SE Submission No
FREE Live Support No No Yes
Web Hosting Server Premium Server Premium Server Premium Server
Priority Rapid Support No No Yes
EWB Training Voucher
(New account only)
No RM100 Rebate RM250 Rebate
eBiz Coaching Voucher No RM500 Rebate RM1000 Rebate
e-Mail Forwarder 5 e-mail addresses 30 e-mail addresses 99 e-mail addresses
Rate Lock Protection Yes Yes Yes
Video Tutorial Yes Yes Yes
  and more.. and more.. and more..
1 Year (RM/USD$) Plan RM599/year
2 Years (RM/USD$) Plan
Great Value!
(Save extra RM100 in 2 years)
(Save extra RM200 in 2 years) + extra 30 days usage for FREE
(Save extra RM600 in 2 years) + extra 90 days usage for FREE
* Second year onwards renewal fee inclusive web site, e-mail, database, content management sytem
and other system modules hosting.


Find out how Do-It-For-Me Web Site Plan can benefits you in long run. Professional quality customized web site that gives you no hassle to update in the future, personal mail servers for you to run your online business professionally and more.. "We Develop, You Manage"

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For people who are looking for a complete package with professional customized personal web template, have total control of the web site, ultra reliable business class web server, mailing list with personal database, complete web and e-mail hosting solution.

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Get your own personal EWB customized template from only RM499!
Integration fee RM199 will be waived till further notice!

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